9 Safety Tips for Halloween 2020 during COVID.

by Sergio Avila on September 20, 2020

Bummer kids, looks like coronavirus is here to stick around for a while. But don't worry Mom's and Dad's, there's plenty of ways to still have a ton of fun this Halloween season while keeping your family safe.

9) Social Distanced Trick or Treating - We know these kids want the goodies, try placing a bowl of candy on a small table at the end of your driveway along with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Be sure to say hi to everyone!

8) Go all out this year on decorating your house. - Get your Halloween spirit back in action and celebrate with tons of webs around your front bushes and house, black lights, fog machines, creepy music, everything you can think of.

7) Horror Movie Nights. - Frisbee some popcorn in the microwave and prepare yourself. Go from cheesy horror comedy like Evil Dead 2, to classics like the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes. These days I'm sure you're a pro binge watcher like the rest of us.

6) Get your Science on. - Remember back in the day when we had the book fair at school during Halloween? Yeah, amazing times right? It would be pretty rad to catch up on some old memories whether it's playing with dry ice, making Halloween slime, messing with black lights and glow sticks. 

5) Drive by Trick-or-Treating - Talk it over with your local neighbors and drive by each others houses sort of like the birthday parades we've been seeing since the COVID19 lock down started. Feel free to toss some candy in the yards of kids, sort of like an reverse ice cream man that gives away goodies for free! You're sure to see some pretty rad costumes along the way as well. 

4) Haunted neighborhood. - Think about it. If you got all your neighbors on board to have fire pits, s'mores, scary movies setup on projectors, scary storie telling at the campfire, flowing the decorations from one house to the next, that would be pretty spook-tacular. Especially if you're in a cul-de-sac.

3) Play it super safe. - If you're just not comfortable yet, you should call up your close family and friends that you've usually been around during the lockdown. Don't go insane with an out of control house party, but still have fun with everyone!

2) Group Halloween Party Face-time. - Did we get that right? Basically you can stay home and still throw on a costume! Do something like picking a theme and all your friends costumes must relate to the theme. Think of it like a Halloween fashion show. Talk about good times on old Halloweens that have passed...childhood...*sigh*

1) Halloween Makeup Kits. - Doesn't matter if you're a pro or you straight up suck at makeup, it's still fun for the whole family. Bust out the fake blood, blown off pieces of face, vampire fangs, and more.

Well folks, that wraps up our top 9 tips to stay safe for Halloween 2020. If you've enjoyed this read and would like more updates on our blog or flash sales, feel free to subscribe below to our email newsletter! Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween! 


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