The Exorcist 👹 (1973)

by Sergio Avila on August 17, 2020

As a child, The Exorcist felt like the scariest movie of my life.
It’s the gunk that bad dreams are made from.

I always wanted to write a blog about my favorite horror films, so I apologize for for lack of structure or other writing errors, I'm learning! 🎃

There's something about old films and the way they are filmed. I always think about the cameras they used. These days everything is so digitalized and high resolution that I feel those old school cameras made these movies even creepier. That soft glow, the noise eroding pixels in low light scenes, it's just something you can't reproduce anymore. 💀

This is one of those movies you know but don't wanna watch again.

It's pure evil. 😈
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by Gina L on August 29, 2020

OMG Same!!! My older brothers wud watch and id always stay awy!! 😂


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